This blog is going to reflect on what I have learned about BDSM/lifestyle and interests I have.  If there are any topics you would like me to research and blog about, or if you have any questions please email me: WCDT.BDSM@gmail.com.

About Me: I have been in the lifestyle since 2011 (researching and learning/understanding). I started my journey with researching pain, i craved it. At the time I didn’t understand why or even what that meant. I would crave getting the tattoo, it calmed what was going on in my head. (I call it my darkness) While researching Masochist, i saw all these new words like submissive, BDSM, Dominate…I had to look further.   Since 2012 I have been providing educational information on the lifestyle and also offering advice to those confused on their journey. Check out Facebook.com/WCDTBDSM.

I also provide reviews on products and toys handmade by small companies within the lifestyle. Please email if you would like me to consider your product for review and to be part of the contests.

Check out all of my social sites. Watch out bc I follow back.

Facebook: Facebook.com/WCDTBDSM

BDSM United: Facebook.com/groups/BDSMUnited

Instagram: Instagram.com/jen13_wcdt/

Tumblr: Whips-Chains-Duct-Tape.Tumblr.com/

Pinterest: Pinterest.com/wcdt

KIK: VioletTempest13

Email: WCDT.BDSM@gmail.com

Fetlife: Fetlife.com/groups/79032

Twitter: Twitter.com/jenWCDT


One thought on “About

  1. I have been in the lifestyle actively for 2 years in February. I have found that a lot of people are afraid of their darker nature and refuse to admit it to themselves. I myself am in a committed relationship with my master and we have been together s the entire time. BDSM is about love and trust of another person because you can’t be in something like that and not trust someone with your body and soul. I’m a submissive and with that also comes the challenge of letting go of your pain and heart break is a mutual decision and for it to be part of the lifestyle it ALWAYS had to be consensual and there are safe words and limits that are discussed between Doms and Subs at length Ilove this lifestyle choice I have made and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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